A fantastic tool for your website

Connect with your clients verbally with the amazing Sitepal. Theyll be able to see & hear what your have to offer them as they browse your site.

To really connect with your customers as soon as they visit your site use Sitepal

Sitepal is the most up-to-date tool for your website.
The aim is to get your company's unique selling point (USP) over to your customers, without having them trawl through your website.
The website sells with the eyes and with SITEPAL you can also sell with the ears. You choose the character, background and script.

Set up specifically for your needs
You can also change your SITEPAL audio as many times as you like. For example, if you have a sale or want to make an announcement or just change to update to audio.
Premier Website Design Services will do all the hard work for you.
Tailor Sitepal to suit your needs

Sitepal Prices

Set UpWeekly Cost
1 Sitepal£200£150£1.50
2 Sitepals£290£220Free
3 Sitepals£270£250Free
4 SitepalsFreeFree
5 SitepalsFreeFree
6 SitepalsFreeFree

PWDS - Limited Time Only Offer - Only £6.50 p/w

  • FREE 6 Page Website
  • FREE Domain Name
  • FREE Unlimited Email Addresses
  • FREE Optimisation
  • FREE Minor Changes
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  • Service & Maintenance
  • NO Hidden Extras

Your website can include for example, a history of your business, list of services, photographs of premises/products, testimonials, contact details and much more Our Design Consultants will guide you through content and even provide text & images if you require To hear more about our great offer call or email us today

Pay £210 set-up charge to have a SITEPAL on each of your pages and only pay £1.15 maintenance fee per week